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   the world is the limit


You have been thinking about moving abroad for a while but…

Where do you start?

How do you know the project you choose is reliable?

How can you make sure it is a good fit for you?

We know how challenging is all of this, why do it alone?


We are here to make it happen.
We provide a service of accompaniment during your application process.




countries to relocate


Paid trainings, jobs, internships & volunteering in all countries in Europe. A
 limited number of opportunities are also allocated in Asia, Africa and Asia.



The opportunities we shared offer relocation help and paid travel costs, accommodation, food, visa, insurance and more.

free learning

for job seekers

Land in a position abroad according to your interests and background.

for organizations

Find the perfect participant for your organization or company.

free learning


Get the resources you need for your successfully job search abroad.


We partner with organizations to share our vacancies with our database of members. 

As a member, we will help you with the application of our selection of opportunities, any paperwork or arrangements needed and give you support during the process. 


life is too beautiful to live in just one single place

– Our quote

our students have landed in opportunities abroad

All the tools you need to find a position for jobs, internships or volunteering overseas.
Short or long term projects and many fields to apply for.


I was at the worst phase of job search. And that is where I joined this course.
I finally ended up grabbing an opportunity with an investment bank. I am so grateful to Laura for organizing this challenge.
The inputs are valuable and it is worth itIt makes you motivated and it’s really helpful.

Akshaya, India

Enrolled in our 30-day challenge course

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Our project boost international mobility in Europe among young people.

Our aim is to reduce the unemployment rates, assist in the transition into the labour market and improve their abilities and skills with their experience abroad.

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