Land in a position abroad in just 30 days




THE 30-day challenge course
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How does it sound having all the tools you need to land in a position abroad in one place?

Gain the knowledge about opportunities with costs covered and relocation packages & how to be selected for them.


Land in any destination country and any field:

– Long term and short term positions
– Jobs, traineeships and volunteering 
– Opportunities with no age limit

What’s included?

All the tools you need 

– 4 modules & 21 lessons 
– A Selection of trusted programs and job portals 
– Additional material to support you: application and CV guide, tips and tricks, and more

  Introspection exercises

– To help you pivot towards the best position for you according to your dreams and goals

 Road-map calendars

– With little steps to follow make that will get you closer to your abroad position

 1 year access

– From the moment you enter the course

Anyone can enroll: Any nationality and any location 👩‍💻

You just need your computer and Internet access, that’s it!

Hey! I’m Laura


When I finished University I made a big decision.

I felt that I was missing something and in my current city I was not able to find it. 

So I decided to relocate abroad on my own with no friends or family.

I wasn’t sure if the project I chose was the one for me. When I needed support I didn’t know where to go. I thought I could handle everything on my own.

I came back with the idea that I would help people the way I wished someone would have helped me on the past.


After these years of experience volunteering and working abroad and with my current background in HR for international recruitment, I put together all my knowledge (and my team’s) that you need to land in a position abroad in just 30 days.
We have been in your shoes and still do!


as seen in


You don’t feel fulfilled in your actual job and you are looking for new opportunities⁠

Even if you have a permanent position you feel there is more to explore in life⁠

You can’t find the opportunity you are looking for where you live⁠

You are not sure where to find reliable projects abroad without paying super-high fees and how to trust when receiving this information⁠

I have been through the same. ⁠
Our team has been through the same (and still do!) ⁠
Our students have been through the same⁠

If you have replied yes to any of the questions, this course is for you

In this course, you will be able to work at your own pace using roadmaps and navigating through our videos, lessons, and exercises. To help you:


  Keep accountable
  Commit to your goals
  Land in a position abroad
  Be supported along the journey
  Receive the knowledge you need

“What is a good fit for you”
– Basic concepts
– Introspection exercises
– Roadmap

“Where to find opportunities abroad”
– Directories for trusted programs for jobs, internships & paid volunteering
– Directory of our selected job portals & more resources
– Application tracker 
– Roadmap

“How to apply and be selected”
– CV, Cover letter & Europass tips & tricks
– Social media, keywords and hashtags when looking for positions
– Skills to boost for your job search
– Roadmap

“How to find the perfect opportunity”
– Tips for legit & reliable vacancies
– Extra resources 
– Roadmap

I’ll be walking you through how to do this with roadmaps, easy steps to follow, downloadable resources and directories for vacancies & more


I was in the worst phase of my job search. And that is where I joined this course.

I finally ended up grabbing an opportunity with an investment bank. I am so grateful to Laura for organizing this challenge.
The inputs are valuable and it is worth itIt makes you motivated and it’s really helpful.

Akshaya from India

Student in our course

Why this course?

This course has been designed to make you land in a position abroad. Each step will allow you to get closer to your dream opportunity in the country and field you are looking for. This has taken years of experience and research and you can find all the knowledge in one single place: this course

What happens after you have purchased this course?

In 1-2 working days you will receive your login details and a link to access the course in this same website. 

Do you receive any commission or sponsorship?

Compare to most other organizations, we do NOT receive any money for sending people abroad. The recommended programs already exist and there are reliable proven by our own experience.

Is there any guarantee or refunds policy?

If for some reason you are not happy with the services you can request a full refund within the first 5 days.
Send us an email to hello@jumpintofreedom with your receipt.