30-day Challenge course

Life is too beautiful to live in just one single place.
This is the time to invest in you.


Welcome to your future

Here you will find all the tools you need in 30-days to find the position abroad you are looking for.
Get all the tips, support, and practical & theoretical information you need.



Landing in a position abroad doesn’t have to be hard or lonely


How does it sound saving thousands of hours of research and finding legitimate mobility programs, organizations, and companies to go abroad in one place?

Finding a position overseas you love gets easier with a simple guide of a 30-day challenge to follow. In any destination country, long term and short term positions and for jobs, traineeships and paid volunteering opportunities with no age limit.

Getting to know more about positions with costs covered: flight tickets, medical insurance, relocation package, visa costs and more.

This is an exclusive challenge to work outside of the “noise” of social media.


How does it work?

This 30-day program you will be able to work at your own pace using a 30-day calendar, application tips, online resources, and much more. To help you:

  Keep accountable
  Commit to your goals
  Help you find the international position you like
  Be supported along the journey
  Find connections with another woman in the same path 

  Receive the knowledge you need


Our members are landing in jobs abroad
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What’s included?

  All the tools you need 

– A guide with our selection of trusted organizations, institutions and projects with costs covered abroad
– Additional material to support you: application guide, tips and tricks, and more

Introspection exercises
– To help you pivot towards the best position for you according to your dreams and goals

 Road-map calendar
– With little steps to follow make that will get you closer to your abroad position

  Access to our private Slack channel
– You can connect with other women on the same path and work on your goals together
– You will be supported along the journey at all times.

  30 days of 1:1 unlimited support and resolution of doubts


The best part? You get them for LIFE and you are able to keep all the resources with you.

Anyone can apply! Any nationality and any location 👩‍💻




Sneak peek of what you will find inside the Challenge



Why choosing this course?

We have been in your shoes and this is the best course we design for you. We have students with amazing results that have found the position overseas they were looking for with the 30-day challenge.

Does this program help me with legal visa/ paperwork?

Due to GDPR regulations, we do not arrange any legal procedures or use your personal data. However, we can get you closer to some mobility programs that arrange visa costs and process for you.

Do you receive any commission or sponsorship?

No, we have created this service with the idea of helping others who would like to work or volunteer abroad from a neutral position. Compare to most other organizations, we do not receive any money for sending people abroad. The recommended programs already exist and there are reliable proven by our own experience.

What happens after you have purchased this course?

You’ll get access to the content of the course via your email and you’ll be added to our dedicated private Slack Channel via email

Is there any guarantee or refunds policy?

Yes, if for some reason you are not happy with the services provided you can request a full refund within the first 5 days.


You will be amazed at your results when you commit yourself to the program