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Before making the decision to leave your home country to explore new cultures and make a new life abroad, you should be clear about what motivate you to leave, as this will help you make better decisions and not suffer the stress and disappointment that you could endure.

I moved abroad 3 times, and I would like to share some tips to help you navigate different options, and help you figure out and plan your exit in a less stressful way than I had.

Here are 9 tips on how to make the right decision for your relocation abroad

  1. Invest your time to think through your decision
    What are your reasons for you to leave? (use a note pad to get clear answers).

  2. Speak to relatives, friends or even your colleagues/boss?
    They might see things that you have not.

  3. Think about what would be your financial situation… 
    If you leave your job and can’t find anything else straightway abroad.

  4. Check at what’s the market
    What is offering in the country you want to move in, what are your competencies, who do you want to serve, where do you want to make an impact, what do you want to give.

  5. Be patient
    finding a new job abroad is not easy, you might have the skills, experience and the will, but the competition might be high so take your time by doing some digging, talk to locals if you can.

  6. Set goals
    Small, medium and large, you have to be able to visualise yourself in a new role abroad.

  7. Understand what you are really good at and do what you love.
    Take the job because you love it, and take the money out of the equation.

  8. Join international groups
    Whether on Facebook or LinkedIn and talk to expats who live in those countries. You could check the Jump into freedom group to connect with like-minded expats around the world.
  9. And finally, take your time.
    Don’t rush into making the decision to move abroad. Finding a new job abroad is exciting but only if you are prepared mentally and physically.