Hey! I’m Laura


When I finished University I made a big decision.
I felt that I was missing something and in my current city I was not able to find it. 

So I decided to relocate abroad on my own with no friends or family.


I wasn’t sure if the project I chose was the one for me. When I needed support I didn’t know where to go. I thought I could handle everything on my own 😓

The reality is that relocating and finding a position abroad is a huge step in your life. You need honest and transparent information to make a jump. And a support system.

After these years of experience volunteering and working in foreign countries and with my background in Human Resources, I decided to create a platform to help women find a fee-free positions in any country and any field. Plus feel supported along this challenging but enriching journey.

We have a team that has been in your shoes and felt the same way years ago (and still do!).

You are welcome to join our family.

And if you ever decide to make a jump, we will be your supporting network.


 why fee-free opportunities?

We do believe that volunteers and job seekers don’t need to pay to find a position abroad. Instead, they should be paid for their work. This is why we only share opportunities with costs covered. 

These placement programs we recommend are supported by public or private institutions to boost mobility in a particular topic e.g. to help young people unemployment, eco-initiatives, entrepreneurship ideas. Therefore, there are are legitimate and reliable options (no scams).

These opportunities can cover costs such as flight tickets, visa arrangements, medical insurance, accommodations, transportation in the city, language courses, and more.
As well as providing pocket money or a well paid salary.

Our team has been in your shoes (and still do!). We have experience by been selected for these kinds of programs.

This is why we would like to share these programs with you from a friend’s perspective. And help you be selected for them as there is a high demand. 

We do not receive any commission or money for sending people abroad and it will continue to be like this forever. 

honesty and transparency

equality on opportunities

women empowerment



Mobility programs mentor


Milena comes from Italy.
She has participated in several mobility programs which have given her the opportunity to travel and to live in 3 different countries.

At the moment she is involved in the mobility program EYE and living in Spain in order to create a social organization.

She is very active in the field of youth policies, in particular regarding educational mobility and youth opportunities for Erasmus+.

She is currently collaborating with 6 different international organizations.

Lauriane & PAULINE

Lauriane & PAULINE

Marketing Assistants


Lauriane comes from France.
She moved to Paris when she was 19 and she went on her first backpacking adventure shortly after. 3 weeks in Thailand was all it took for the travel bug to bite! Since then, She lived in New Zealand, spent months in Australia, and traveled through Asia as a digital nomad. ⁠
As a marketing communications expert she has gotten to work on exciting projects.

Pauline comes from Zambia.
She has traveled all around her country and lived in different parts by herself.⁠ She is an accomplished marketing personal, she started working in sales/marketing in 2016, and she loves what she does. Her dream is to travel the world.⁠


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Connect with us on hello@jumpintofreedom.com

life is too beautiful to live in just one single place

– Our quote

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