Living abroad has uncountable benefits for you, your personal growth and your wellbeing.

It is proven that those who have lived out for a while are able to boost their creativity levelsimprove communicationincrease the potential in the professional fieldimprove cognitive skills and even become more intelligent.

According to a study by INSEAD, Research Center and School of Business in France states that individuals who had been immersed in multicultural environments were offered more jobs than those who had never lived outside. It also argues through its investigation that

“People who have international experiences or identify themselfs with more than one nationality are better at solving problems and show more creativity.
In addition, we find that people with international experience are more likely to create new business and product ideas and to be promoted “

When we are physically out of our comfort zone we face new challenges making our mind to find outcomes and possibilities quicker.
Even daily tasks like shopping in an unknown country or speaking a second language stimulate our mind almost daily and can grow brain size.

According to the Lund Academy source from a Swedish study on MRI (2012), found that

“learning a second language changes the shape and size of our brain by improving the cortical thickness- a layered mass of neurons responsible for thought, memory and consciousness”

Here are other facts of the loooong list that living abroad benefits you:

  • Get a global mindset
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Boost your creativity
  • Meet amazing people
  • Enrich your Resume
  • Develop more cultural awareness
  • Have more opportunities to travel
  • Learn to be independent
  • Better career prospects
  • Improve your communication skills