Have you applied to one of our vacancies and wondering when you will receive feedback?
Interested in one of our opportunities but have questions?

Here you can find frequently asked questions and the answer to all of them below. Hope it clarifies your doubts.


I have applied for a vacancy. When do I hear back from you?

  • Unfortunately, we can reply to each application individually as we receive hundreds of them for each job posting. If the organization moves forward with your application we will be in touch with you.
If I don't hear back from you it means that I am not selected?

If you don’t hear back from us within the first few weeks or month this could be that you are not considered for that particular vacancy. However occasionally some internal changes, drop off, or any other situation occur and your application could be considered again.
Also if your profile matches an upcoming position (not specifically the one you applied for) we will in touch with you.



  • On each opportunity, you can check the requirements section to see if you are eligible. Some programs collaborate with partner countries in Asia, Africa, and America. Also if you have a residence permit in one of the European countries you can be eligible too. 

    If you can’t find a position you are eligible for we recommend you to check our Academy where you will find resources of over 20 paid programs for jobs and volunteering across the world for any nationality. 
I can't find a vacancy I am interested in at the moment. What should I do?

You can apply for a Sponteaneus candidacy so you will be part of our database and if there is an opportunity that matches your profile we will be in touch. 


Are all the opportunities handled by Jump into Freedom?

We do assist organizations facilitating them candidates and helping them to be matched with talent through European programs. However we are committed to help young people find opportunities so we also share vacancies abroad from different institutions and organizations not coordinated by us.  

Do you charge job seekers or candidates a fee?

No, the candidates that are selected for a position abroad through us are not charged any fee along the process.
On the other hand, we will actually give you support along with the registration process, administrative tasks, and pre-departure until you arrive at your destination country. 

I couldn't upload my resume on the online form. What do I do now?

If for some reason the application form does not work, you can forward your application to hello@jumpintofreedom.com