Due to the coronavirus, many countries are started to be isolated. If you are in one of those countries I feel you!
Here in Madrid universities and colleges are closed and events and concerts have been canceled. People are recommended to work from home if possible and not to travel.

Here are some tips for you to cope with isolation & loneliness:

1. Create a list of activities you can do by yourself/ with someone at home

Now is a great time for self-care, movies & popcorn and tackle the tedious tasks that have been postponed endless times like calling the company who is charging you more than expected on your phone bills. You will much better after!

2. Keep it social

Call or even better video call your friends and family wherever they are and have daily conversations as you use to do.
We had an in-person event that to be safe we have turned into an ONLINE event and we still have some spots left.
We would love to meet you virtually and you can join from anywhere in the world. Join here

3. Enjoy the stillness

It is great to stop sometimes and enjoy some meditation, breathe and take a break from the rat race. You are avoiding the daily rush and traffic jams, isn’t it great?

4. Refresh your long and short term goals

Do you feel that you started the New year full of motivation and you are starting to get out of track?
This time is great for planning, schedule and tackle your goals for the rest of the year. It is only March and still many months to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

5. Redecorate

Take the time to make those changes to your bedroom or home that you’ve been putting off. A nice touch in your home can make a whole of a difference. Also equip yourself with cozy blankets, mugs and

6. Learn something new

The internet is at your disposal! There’s an endless amount of information you can binge on like our recent launch Madrid guide eBook with tips & tricks on living in the city that we have worked for months collecting all the info we wished to know once we moved to the city.
We have extended our sale price so hurry up! You can find it here

7. Declutter

What better time to look through your things and see what you don’t need anymore and make some much-needed room in your space and life. Recycle, sell or donate them