Finding your dream position abroad GETS EASY
by knowing each program in one single place:
this guide


A bundle with 20 International mobility programs for amazing and reliable opportunities around the world with costs covered & no fees.

Here you will find the following opportunities in different fields:

– Jobs & job exchanges
– Internships & traineeships
– Volunteering

Have ever you felt lost and defeated because you can’t find a program abroad you like?

Most of the programs are asking for high fees?

Not sure about the reliability of some projects abroad?



Then you are in the right place!

Avoid hours & hours of researching and possible scams

What do they cover?

These programs usually cover all costs for you relocation such as round flight tickets, visa costs, medical and life insurance, accommodation, pocket money, support from the organization, language course, and more.

Some other programs, they will offer instead a salary that will cover the costs of living at the destination country and also travel costs and insurance. 


Why these programs?

These programs are mainly supported by public or private institutions such as the European Commission, Governments of each country, Universities, etc in different countries to facilitate mobility within their citizens and partner countries.
Therefore there are reliable and no scams. 


We have collected legitimate programs for almost any nationality and almost any country you are looking to relocate.

This is the guide our team dreamt about when we were in your shoes and we have put our effort and heart to collect them all on this eBook.




A Guide suitable for any phone, PC, and Kindle to be download directly once the order is completed.





Inside you will find:



  • 20 trusted mobility programs with opportunities for any nationality


  • Some programs with no age limit and other programs for young participants under 35.



  • Each program has a description: duration, eligibility, fields, hosting countries, benefits, links to apply, and more.


  • Extra recommendations for non- EU citizens


  • Tips on how to find the perfect program for you.


life is too beautiful to live in just one single place

– Jump into Freedom’s quote