Raise your hand if

🙋🏻‍♀️  You don’t feel fulfilled in your actual job and you are looking for new opportunities

🙋🏻‍♀️  Even if you have a permanent position you feel there is more to explore in life
🙋🏻‍♀️  You can’t find the opportunity you are looking for where you live
🙋🏻‍♀️  You are not sure where to find reliable projects abroad without paying super-high fees and how to trust when receiving this information


I have been through the same. 
Our team has been through the same (and still do!) 
Our members have been through the same


Our expertise is


We love sharing the knowledge of a broad variety of opportunities abroad for you

Plus help you be selected for them!

We ONLY share legit opportunities that will not charge you but instead give you relocation and financial help


” I finally ended up grabbing an opportunity with an investment bank. I am so grateful to Laura for organizing this challenge. I would like to tell one thing to people who enroll here is just go with the guidance in this challenge.”

— Akshaya (Course Student)

“They made it so much easier for me to move to another country and find a perfect job that fits my desires.
They gave me thoughtful tips regarding my CV and loads of amazing and helpful information.”

— Brigita (Course Student)

Here you will…

  1. Save your hours and hours of researching

  2. Receive honest and transparent information 
    (We don’t receive money for sending people abroad, we recommend what we trust on)

  3. Create your dream life abroad and be supported

Find your project abroad in any field and (almost) any country

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Why choosing us?

Despite most organizations and institutions that offer you free advice about opportunities abroad, we don’t receive any money for sending people abroad

The knowledge we will provide is honest and neutral feedback, this way you can tailor your decision according to your real needs.

How can we help you?

Land in a position abroad in just 30 days

Find all the trusted mobility programs in one place

Receive advice according to your dreams and needs

Remember that life is too beautiful to live in just one single place.

This is the time to invest in you.

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