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Would you like to benefit from mobility exchanges to host volunteers or interns? 

Do you have an international team and open to expanding the talent? 

We are here to make it happen! ⁠

We specialize in matching talent with organizations through mobility programs in +45 countries ⁠

And we take care of the whole searching process so you have to worry about nothing!

We take care of

✔️ Finding the perfect candidate for your company according to your needs 

✔️ Save you time with the arrangements needed between all parties

✔️ Receive support during the hiring stage 


We match your requirements for each participant. For any sector and any profile.


We select motivated professionals, volunteers, and job seekers ready for their new career and happy to work and live abroad.


We take care of the requested administrational between the participant and your organization so you don’t need to worry about boring procedures.

WE assist YoU to find
your perfect “talent match” 

 The world is the limit


We collaborate with candidates and organizations in all sectors across all Europe (including non- European countries). We also collaborate with some countries in Asia and America.

We specialize in medium- high post graduated profiles for opportunities in Marketing, Business Development, Customer Service, teaching languages, and more.




  • Environment and natural protection
  • Communications, marketing, events
  • Teaching and learning foreign languages
  • Citizenship and democratic participation
  • Social inclusion
  • Non-profits
  • Technology
  • Administration
  • Tourism
  • and more…


For any position (Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, you name it!) 



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WHICH are the benefits as a hosting COMPANY and candidates?

The companies will have young talent from abroad willing to give you a fresh pair of eyes in your business and collaborate with their knowledge, educational and previous experience. The candidates will benefit from having a job experience overseas and building their CV Win-win situation!

wHAT happens if something doesn't go as expected?

We offer a 30-day guarantee after the intern has started to work with you so we will repeat the search at no extra cost for you. We also provide support at all stages of the whole exchange so you make sure everyone is happy. 

IS possible to host interns remotely or in person?

Yes! many companies nowadays do not have offices and also due to the COVID situation many working places are not in use. 
This program allow you to host interns remotely (they have to relocate where the company is) or in-person. 

i'm interested! how can i get in touch?

Feel free to send us an email at hello@jumpintofreedom.com or use the contact box here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

"life is too beautiful to live in just one place"

– Jump into Freedom’s quote