Personalized assistance for organizations


Personalized assistance for organizations through European-funded exchange programs for hosting volunteers.



Do you have an international team looking to expand? Then you are in the right place.

Since 2018, we have been helping young professionals to relocate for work or volunteering projects abroad. We have extensive experience matching talent and organizations happily.
The benefits are that you will have a motivated candidate ready to work and the monthly financial help and the travel costs for the participant will be covered by European funds through mobility programs.

Our entire service includes:

  • Job posting and promotion of the position
  • Screening & final pre-selection of participants, send via email
  • Arrangements needed between the organization & selected participant (administrative documents, registration, relocation help, support, training, and more)

This fee will go towards your initial registration. 

Get contacted via e-mail within the next 24- 48 once your order is completed.


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