30- day Challenge


NEXT START DATE: 1st of January

All the tools you need in 30 days to find a position abroad for just 1€ a day!



Find the position abroad you love gets easier with a simple guide of a 30-day challenge to follow.
This is an exclusive challenge to work outside of the “noise” of social media.
How does it work?
For 30 days I will be sharing on a private channel a calendar, application tips, online resources and much more. To help you:
Keep accountable
Commit to your goals
Help you find the international position you like
Get the knowledge you need
Connect with other women
☕️ What do I get from the Mastermind Coffee talk sessions?
We will hit a few common topics about living abroad and relocation but also international projects/ organizations and the way to apply to them to be successful.
I expect you to share struggles, doubts and find support within an amazing community.
Create friendship, apply and jump into a new adventure 🤸‍♀️
What do I need?
A slack account, an email address account and that’s it!

Anyone can apply! Any nationality and any location 👩‍💻


Which tools do I get?

  •  Unlimited Slack channel support
  •  2 excel sheets with online resources where to find vacancies abroad
  •  Additional material to support you (application guide, tips and tricks, introspection exercises and more!)
  • Coffee talk mastermind sessions with like-minded women like you looking to live abroad
The best part? You get them for LIFE and you are able to keep all the resources with you.


Get contacted via e-mail within the next 24- 48 hours after purchase.

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