Pool of opportunities


We are here to make you land in a position abroad.
This accompaniment service is personalized according to what you are looking for.




Are you looking for a short-term project to work on in the summer?
Are you looking for a long term job or volunteering in Europe?
Are you looking for a job placement in a company?

We specialize in European projects with paid opportunities & costs covered. The destination countries are mainly in Europe and with a limited number of opportunities in Africa, Asia, and America.

On our website, we share exciting opportunities in all sectors for internships, volunteering, job placements, and more.
By becoming part of our pool of opportunities you will have access to:

  • Priority-access to our featured opportunities

    Priority in the selection of participants for placements and training courses for 1-year. Places for these activities are limited, so first we spread them among our members.

  • Personalized tutoring
    Although we tried to answer all of the inquiries we received, our members count on our priority to help them with job searches, training opportunities, job placements, and a long etcetera. Our team is supported by a wide network of contacts to help us with any question you may ask us.
  • Resources for your application process and pre-departure
    We share with our members very important information for a smooth landing and how to be successful during the application.
    Visas, health insurance, CV & Motivation letter, and more.

The world is your limit!

How to become a member of our Pool?

The fee is 50€, valid during the current year. If you become a member in the last 3 months of the year, we will extend your membership until the end of the following year so that you can enjoy it longer.
The fee is used to become a member of Jump into Freedom and access all the advantages mentioned above, especially participation in mobility projects managed by us.
For our part, this fee allows us to cover expenses derived from the selection process and to maintain this website.


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