30-day challenge course

Landing in a position abroad doesn’t need to be hard or lonely. 

Finding a position overseas you love gets easier with a simple guide of a 30 days- weekends off- to follow. In (almost) any destination country, long and short term positions and opportunities for jobs, internships and paid volunteering.

How does it work?

During this 30-day program you will be able to work at your own pace using roadmaps, application tips, job directory, online resources and much more. To help you:

  Keep accountable
  Commit to your goals
  Land in an international position you like
  Be supported along the journey
  Receive the knowledge you need

The best part? You get access for LIFE and you are able to download all the resources.


Anyone can enroll! Any nationality and any location 👩‍💻

I really enjoyed the challenge! It had great pacing and spaced out the activities well. I particularly loved the resources she provided us, as I’ve never seen most of it anywhere else and REALLY loved the coffee talks. Laura is also extremely nice, supportive and inspirational, so I never felt that I was alone in my journey and she was there to encourage you when the going gets tough. Highly recommended!

Sara, from Singapur

1st student enrolled on our course


Finding your dream position abroad gets easier by knowing each program in one single place: this guide

A bundle with 14 International mobility programs for amazing and reliable opportunities around the world that we recommend.
Here you will find the following opportunities in different fields:

  • Jobs
  • Traineeships
  • Internships
  • Paid Volunteering

These programs are mainly supported by public or private institutions such as the European Commission, Governments of each country, Universities, etc in different countries to facilitate mobility within their citizens and partner countries.

They can cover expenses such as flight tickets, medical insurance, accommodation, visa and relocation help, language course, and more. And also provide a salary or pocket money. 

Avoid scams and hours and hours researching. 

This is the guide our team dreamt about when we were in your shoes. We have our years of experience and heart to collect them all on this eBook.

1:1 sessions

Are you Dreaming about relocating to a new country?
Are you stuck deciding which opportunity is the best for you? Need some career guidance?

Imagine that someone with years of experience and knowledge can provide you the information you are looking for in just 40 minutes.

This is what our mentoring sessions are all about. We have done the hard work so you don’t need to.

We specialize in mobility programs abroad that cover costs of relocation, how to be selected for international vacancies, and how to make the most out of your experience.

Despite most organizations and institutions that offer you free advice about opportunities abroad, we don’t make a living or receive funds out of volunteers or job seekers that are relocated abroad. Our mentor is someone who has been in your shoes years ago that will help you reach your goals.

Thanks to you, I started to believe in myself again and that I can achieve whatever I want to.
Laura was an amazing helper, with whom we first talked about my interests, my desires, my plans, my life goals and depending on that she created a tailor made plan just for me. The plan consisted of loads of amazing and helpful information such as: where can I find my desired work, how can I approach them, what do I need to do and etc.
Also, she gave me thoughtful tips regarding my CV and motivational letter.
She made it so much easier for me to move to another country and and find a perfectly job that fits my desires. Thank you again ❤
Brigita, from Poland

Enrolled in a 1:1 session


Just landed in this beautiful city of Spain or been here for a while and wish that you had a local friend in Madrid that could show you the ropes? Now you have it

We have created an extensive city guide, unlike others.
It is packed with real and honest advice you will get from a friend to make your life in the city easier. 
Why? Because we’ve been in your shoes.

We dove deep into everything that we wish someone had told us before arriving in Madrid and decided to make our guide more personal and (mad)real than the rest.

What can you expect from the “Keepin’ it Madreal” city guide? Here are some sections you can find inside:

  Overview of Life in the City
  What the Locals Do
  Where to Eat, Drink and Socialize
  Housing tips

  The Cost of Living
  Local Expressions (the ones you cannot find in language books)
…and much more

+ includes local discounts. 
With these goodies, the guide is already valued more than its own price!

madrid local tips

discounts and freebies

advice from a friend

  1. Great guide! Honestly, the best one I’ve read so far. This would have been ideal to have when I moved to Madrid. Purchased the guide to gift to a friend moving to Madrid.

Yomi, from the US

Purchased our Madrid guide


If for some reason you are not happy with the services you can request a full refund within the first 5 days.
Send us an email to hello@jumpintofreedom with your receipt.