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Solidarity projects are supported by the European Solidarity Corps (co-funded by the European Commission) aiming for youth activities that make an impact in their community and with a domino effect to their own or other countries. 

If approved, you will receive European fundings to develop the project activities and also a coaching allowance for other person/ organization to help you.

The National Agency allocates a monthly grant of 500€ for the group to use during the implementation of the project. These grant should cover costs related to logistics and transport as well as all the development project costs. 


Are you looking for a coach for your project?

You are already in the right place!

In Jump into Freedom we act as a resource person/ coach assigning you a mentor with expertise in European projects that will guide you to achieve the standards of the program, meet the requirements and be an approved Solidarity project.


Who can participate?

To carry out a Solidarity Project, it is necessary to have a group of, at least five young people between 18 and 30 years old. Considering that the activities will happen on a national level, the members of the group needs to live all in the same country.
There is the possibility to apply for this projects with a support organisation, nevertheless it needs to be the group of young people having the project’s idea and implementing the activities. In case the group doesn’t have a representative organisation, one of the participants needs to be the legal representative. The legal representative is responsible to sign the documents, be in contact with the national agency and receive the grant.

What themes can be develop in these projects?

The topics are endless: climate change, gender equality, entrepreneurship, democratic engagement, or other topics – it’s all about the causes that matter to you.
Your group must have a clear topic with concrete activities that involve all the participants. Think about working methods and project management – you will decide these too. 


The programme countries for this activities include the following. You and the rest of the participants should be living in one of these countries to be eligible. 

Belgium Greece Lithuania Portugal
Bulgaria Spain Luxembourg Romania
Czechia France Hungary Slovenia
Denmark Croatia Malta Slovakia
Germany Italy Netherlands Finland
Estonia Cyprus Austria Sweden
Ireland Latvia Poland United Kingdom


What is the duration?

The Solidarity Projects should last between 2 and 12 months. The duration should be defined by the group, as well as the activities to be implemented throughout its duration.

what is the financial support given?

The National Agency allocates a monthly grant of 500€ for the group to use during the implementation of the project. These grant should cover costs related to logistics and transport. If your project duration is 12 months you will receive 6,000€

In case the group is made of young people with fewer opportunities (for example with a disability), it is possible to ask for extra budget to support them to actively be part and contribute to the Solidarity Project.

There is also the possibility to request for funds for a coach, which will be responsible to support and accompany the group of young people. The role of the coach can vary between the different projects and the request for funds needs to be well justified. His work can not last longer than 12 days. The coach costs vary between countries, stated in the table below:

Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden 241€
Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Iceland 214€
Cyprus, Czechia, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain 137€
Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey 74€ 

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