What is a Solidarity project?

Solidarity projects are supported by the European Solidarity Corps (co-funded by the European Commission) aiming for youth activities that make an impact in their community and with a domino effect to their own or other countries. 

If approve they receive European fundings to develop the project activities and also a coaching allowance for other person/ organization to help you.

Who can participate?

This can be run by informal groups of young people between 18-30 years old or organizations (public or private).

What themes can be develop in these projects?

The topics are endless: climate change, gender equality, entrepreneurship, democratic engagement, or other topics – it’s all about the causes that matter to you.
Your group must have a clear topic with concrete activities that involve all the participants. Think about working methods and project management – you will decide these too. 

Watch this video to know more about Solidarity projects

Where can I find help for our project proposal writing?

You are already in the right place!

In Jump into Freedom we act as a resource person/ coach assigning you a mentor with expertise in European projects that will guide you to achieve the standards of the program, meet the requirements and be an approved Solidarity project.

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