Meet Jade, she is from the Netherlands where she studied Global Sustainability Science. After graduation, she chose to spend the summer months in North Tenerife, Spain, where she will be able to switch off her laptop and enjoy nature at its full. 

Jade is working as a plant-based kitchen volunteer at Nine co-living. A place that gathers digital nomads from all over the world and charms them with its beautiful sceneries, clean food, and yoga classes. Jade has been preparing the meals for the guests of the co-living and has created her own Instagram page to show off her talent and to keep track of her progress as a master chef of the vegan cuisine.


Jade prepears lasagna at Nine co-living, North Tenerife.

Jade enjoys the sunset with the Nine co-living team on the rooftop.

Tell us about you and your journey until now. Why did you make this change? 

Hola! I am Jade, 22 years old and from the Netherlands. After graduating from my bachelor in Global Sustainability Science in Utrecht I decided to switch off my computer for a year. In this year I wanted to work or volunteer abroad and learn from experiences outside of my daily life. I found a vacancy on Facebook from Jump into freedom for a plant-based kitchen volunteer in Tenerife. I applied, got the job, and I love it so much. 


2. What are your daily duties? 

I am working and staying at the Nine co-living in the north of Tenerife. Nine is a co-working and co-living, a place where people stay and work remotely. Guests get a room, breakfast, and some meals, but most importantly, a cozy and social environment. On a daily basis, there is yoga, meals, game nights, and more. It is a group of random people, that live together like a big family. 

My job is to prepare the food that is offered. My duties are making breakfast, getting up early, cutting local fruits, preparing oats, eggs, tomatoes, etc. Two times a week I prepare lunch. I get to make the menu and do the groceries. This part I really enjoy because I can be creative. How to incorporate leftovers, and how to design a meal so everyone has enough and everyone can enjoy it regardless of their dietary preferences. It is a lot of work to cook for a large group, and it requires a lot of multi-tasking. Luckily there are usually some guests that need a break from their screens and step by in the kitchen to chat or help cut vegetables. Once a week we have a BBQ with all the guests, this is also my responsibility. 

By the way, I started an Instagram account to post the vegetarian food I make for lunch. If you are wondering what I make, have a look @nobeefintenerife.

Jade’s Instagram page

3. How was the change from living in your country to living in Spain? 

I love the climate, nature and endless possibilities on Tenerife. There are many beautiful mountains and volcanoes with hikes and beaches. This is very different than in the Netherlands. Since I am sleeping, eating and working at the co-living and I do not meet a lot of locals. My Spanish vocabulary is improving, but not so much that I can have a proper conversation.  

“When you have the opportunity to live and learn abroad, do it! For me, stepping outside of my daily life and comfort zone, made me think. What are my talents and ambitions, and how am I going to use this to improve this world?  “

Jade, from the Netherlands

4. What do you do in your free time in Tenerife? 

In my free time I love to go to the beach, the swimming pool or read on the rooftop. Because I am part of the team, I can use the car of the company. That is really nice so in my free time I can explore the different beaches with guest or colleagues.

 5. What have you gained from this experience so far? 

Being around a lot of people every day brings a lot of good conversations. I am always the youngest person in the house, so I can learn from the life experience of other people. How to talk with people that are older, or different in general, is a life-skill that will be forever useful.  More practically, I am becoming a better cook. I can easily plan meals with different components, and make sure there is enough without having to throw food away. I learned to use local and heathy ingredients, and to cook everything from scratch. Last but not least, I am a way better and confident car-driver than before. I was super scared in the beginning, small and steep roads everywhere and I didn’t know the way. Because of my duty of doing groceries, I had to drive the car by myself. In the beginning it was scary, but now I am not anymore.  

6. Would you recommend Jump into Freedom for someone looking for a position abroad? How was the whole process until you finally relocate? 

I am forever grateful that I got this job. The process worked out well. However, there are so many parties involved for the scholarship, it is complicated and unclear who was responsible for which contracts, and who to ask questions. Luckily Jump into Freedom answered all my questions very fast.   

Jade enjoying hikes in El Teide, Tenerife.

Walk by the sea

7. Any advice for someone who would like to move abroad just like you did?

The only advice I can give is, is when you have the opportunity to live and learn abroad, do it! For me, stepping outside of my daily life and comfort zone, made me think. What are my talents and ambitions, and how am I going to use this to improve this world?  

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