Meet Ksenija, she was looking for an opportunity through the Erasmus+ mobility program and we match her with a company in the Canary Islands. Keep reading to know more about her experience!

She is working as an Event coordinator for digital nomad company that offers accommodation in villas, excursions across the island and experiences such as yoga brunch, surf classes, beach meet ups and more. She has been helping organizing and promoting events as well as coming up with ideas for locations, themes, etc.


1. Why did you make this change in your life?

I have spent one month living and working in Tenerife, Spain. Since Spain is a welcoming
and warm country, I decided to do my internship there. Living in Spain was never a huge
change for me, I already spent 2 semesters in Andalucia and Barcelona studying. This time I decided that starting an internship is going to be more practical, since I already got my bachelor degree and it is about time to start working and gaining professional experience. I still have two months to spend here, and I am looking forward to new experiences and adventures. My company here is a coliving and coworking company managing properties and events for digital nomads and remote workers.


2. How was the change from living in Serbia to living in Spain?

It can be a huge change, especially if someone doesn’t speak Spanish language. However, for me personally this challenge was nothing but positive. Moving away and starting a completely new lifestyle and habits in another country brings only benefits for personal and professional growth. Facing new culture, habits, customs and city teaches us to adapt and become a part of a new community.
My recommendation is to go for it! Spain or any other country will offer new things and new perspectives. Only make sure to know the basics of the language, even if you end up using only English, it will always be useful to learn the language of the country. And the rest is all going to unfold with its own pace!


3. What kind of duties do you do at work on a daily basis?

My position in the company is Community Manager Assistant. My duties are primarily to plan events for a week, or a month and to attend them. Beside that, I am managing and posting events on Facebook, website and social channels or groups. After that, my duties are to take care of the guests, to keep them posted, to do the check-ins, register guests in the coliving, maintain the lists and spreadsheets…

 Travel and explore the world as much as possible.”

Ksenija, from Serbia

4. Why did you make this change in your life?

In my free time I like to enjoy the weather. I like to ride bicycle and explore the island. I often spend my free time with friends. However, I am also writing my master thesis, so I spend time reading and researching. 


5. What have you gained from this experience so far? 

Professional experience, many new contacts, different people and cultures, a lot of quality time spent with my awesome team and also coliving guests, and many more.
I am looking forward to every moment spent on the island.


6. Would you recommend Jump into Freedom for someone looking for a position abroad? How was the whole process until you finally relocate?

Yes, I would. And I definitely will. Jump into Freedom matches candidates with the job offers perfectly. Also, there is a variety of choices, and they make sure to find the fit job options for candidates. Everything was pretty simple. The process was already familiar to me, since I did everything through my university and coordinators. I had support from my university coordinators, as well as Jump into Freedom and the team from my company in Tenerife.

7. Any advice for someone who would like to move abroad just like you did?

My advice is to travel and explore the world as much as possible. There is nothing to lose, only to gain!

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