Meet Petya, she is from Bulgaria and she has been living and working in Tenerife, Canary Islands. She will spend 6 months there enjoying the sunny weather and beautiful beaches.

She is working as Mobility & Communications Coordinator for Jump into Freedom and has been helping other young people find there dream job abroad. Her daily tasks include helping candidates with the application process, creating content for the Facebook and Instagram pages of the organization, working on the podcast “Mum, I’m moving abroad”, and having fun. 


Petya in the Butterfly museum in Tenerife

View to Tenerife from La Gomera

1. Tell us about you and your journey until now

I have spent 3 months already in Tenerife and I couldn’t be happier for taking this decision. I have lived in Spain and I know that it is a beautiful country, but Tenerife is whole another thing. It is paradise on Earth. Not only because its beautiful nature, but also because of the warm and welcoming people.  My journey has been both very exciting and challenging but I prefer to focus on the positive sides. 


2. How was the change from living in Bulgaria to living in Spain?

Honestly, Spain feels like home for me, because I feel its culture and people’s habits closer to me. People here are much more open-minded and will always make you feel welcome even if you are different from them. After the 2 years that I spent working from home and almost not meeting with anyone, moving to Spain was like taking fresh air and being myself again. I was missing cold Spanish beer during the hot and long days.


3. What kind of duties do you do at work on a daily basis?

My position in Jump into Freedom is very dynamic and responsible. It involves a lot of different tasks and sometimes multitasking at a very high speed. And there are very relaxed and easy days. I really enjoy my work, because I get to meet a lot of people from different countries. I learn about different kinds of business and business models and I feel great being able to help our candidates in the process of chosing the right opportunity for them. Apart from this I manage our Facebook and Instagram pages, I take interviews with people for our podcast “Mum, I’m moving abroad” and I take care of the monthly newsletter. It is an exciting job and you can learn a lot from it.

“Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself. And traveling is always a great way to do both”

Petya, from Bulgaria

4. What do you do in your free time in Tenerife?

Lots of things. Mostly walking around the city, enjoying the architecture, staring at the beautiful mountains and enjoying the weather. I have traveled the whole island of Tenerife and even visited Gomera, an a smaller island next to it. Sometimes my friends and I go to the cinema to catch a movie after working hours or simply enjoy ourselves in the center of the city.

5. What have you gained from this experience so far? 

Well, I managed to escape from a boring life to a new exciting one. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be in Spain again and to do something that actually bring me satisfaction and content. The best thing is that I gained my smile back after a difficult period in my life.  


200 metres below El Teide (the highest peak in Spain)

6. Would you recommend Jump into Freedom for someone looking for a position abroad? How was the whole process until you finally relocate?

Short answer is YES! Jump into Freedom is all about creating opportunities for others. Sometimes people we work with do not realise how much effort we put in our work, but we are very dedicated and always happy to help everyone. Laura, the founder, created this organization because she really believes that travelling, learning and investing in one’s personal and professional growth is very important. However the journey is not always easy and it is always better to have someone to rely on. This is where Jump into Freedom comes.  

7. Any advice for someone who would like to move abroad just like you did?

If you have a question or doubt, just ask for help. Try to find a solution instead of just giving up. Sometimes you won’t get the right answer stright away, but eventually you will. Just be patient and enjoy the process.

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