Let us introduce you to Jelena, she is from Montenegro and she has been selected for a 4 months exchange starting in November 2021 as a Social Media Manager working in Spain for a coliving and coworking space in the South of Tenerife.

She is currently really happy of her relocation and she would like to give some insights of her daily life during her exchange abroad.

Jelena at a lunch

Beach side

1. Tell us about you and your journey until now

I finished my ESC program in Italy – which is also a part of the Erasmus programs, by the
end of 2020 and since I was very satisfied with my experience, I started to look for similar
opportunities. Meantime, I was working online, as a virtual assistant and content creator,
and in my free time, I was applying for different opportunities. The whole COVID situation and restrictions were changing my plans month by month but luckily, I was able to find and connect with Jump into Freedom through a Facebook group post, and the opportunity to come to Tenerife appeared.

Once I learned more about the EYE program, I realized how different, challenging, and exciting this program can be for me and my personal growth so I took this opportunity, wrote my business plan, and prepared myself for a new adventure in Tenerife! 

2. How was the change from living in Montenegro to living in Spain?

I would say that life in Tenerife is quite international since it is a very touristic island, so for me, the change was very subtle because you constantly feel like you are on vacation due to so many amazing attractions and places to see. Must say that skipping winter is one of the biggest pros for me. 

People are very kind; the weather is great and also there is this very relaxing vibe here so my advice for anyone coming would be to take the maximum from their experience.


3. What kind of duties do you do at work on a daily basis?

I work as a social media manager at my hosting company, and my daily basis is taking care of their social media pages, taking pictures, editing pictures, content creation and copywriting, planning posts, exploring and learning about new digital marketing trends, creating posters for any kind of events organized by the company.

“Every country and program are different in a way but in the end, the goal is the same – to learn, to expand, to see something new, to meet new people, and to become a better version of yourself.”

Jelena, from Montenegro

4. What do you do in your free time on the island?

I’m located in the South of the island, so I definitely go to the beach couple of times a week.
I enjoy being in nature so I try to push myself to do some hiking activities and overall learn, discover and educate myself about the island more.
In the upcoming days, my plan is to travel more to the North.

5. What have you gained from this experience so far? 

I’ve been here for one month and so far, I would say the pleasure of meeting my two roommates made this experience so much more special.
I also had the possibility to have insight on what it’s like running a private business and the whole coliving, coworking concept.


Jelena on a excursion around the island

6. Would you recommend Jump into Freedom for someone looking for a position abroad? How was the whole process until you finally relocate?

If there was no Jump into Freedom, I would be here right now so I definitely recommend
everyone to try and apply for different varieties of opportunities and programs that Jump into Freedom offers.
I had very fast and direct communication since day one and they helped me with my application step-by-step so the whole process was much easier for me!

7. Any advice for someone who would like to move abroad just like you did?

Follow your intuition, be open and confident. Every country and program are different in a way but in the end, the goal is the same – to learn, to expand, to see something new, to
meet new people, and to become a better version of yourself.

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