Marek, he was born in Poland, graduated in Law and previously lived in Malta for 6 months. He decided he wanted a change in his life and he is currently working and living in Limassol, the capital of sunny Cyprus.

He applied and was selected for the Paralegal position for a tax and compliance top leading and global company with offices in Cyprus, Poland, United Kingdom, Georgia and Estonia. 

Limassol, Cyprus

Beach side in Cyrpus

1. Tell us about you and your journey until now

My name is Marek. I’ve been in living in my homecity in Poland for 24 years. This year I also participated in Erasmus+ programme on Malta for one semester. I just wanted to try again something new and something abroad.


2. How was the change from living in Poland to relocating in Cyprus?

As I’ve been on Malta so it’s not too shocking for me. Obviously culture here is completely different than polish and if not for my Erasmus it would be hard to get used to it quickly but everyone here is friendly and nice so I don’t think that change of environment should be too tough.
My recommendations for someone looking to relocate to Cyprus is to look out at the cars! It is sometimes dangerous here when it comes to that. Fear not cockroaches and everything should be fine!


3. What kind of duties do you do at work on a daily basis?

I work as paralegal and I help preparing legal documents for the company’s clients.

“Be patient and don’t worry too much. Everything will work out eventually.”
Marek, from Poland

4. What do you do in your free time around the island?

Visit new places, eat local cuisine, exercise.

5. What have you gained from this experience so far? 

I gained a lot of knowledge about tax law of Cyprus.

6. Would you recommend Jump into Freedom for someone looking for a position abroad? How was the whole process until you finally relocate?

Definitely. You guys were very helpful and very patient with me all the time. All the issues that arose were resolved quickly and painlessly. 

7. Any advice for someone who would like to move abroad just like you did?

Don’t think too much, be brave and just do it. Magical things are happening to the other side of your comfort zone. 

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