Moving abroad is challenging. Getting to pack all your things in one suitcase and start a new life in a country with a different culture, traditions, and lifestyle. This could be empowering but also a bumpy road.

Here you can find some tips and tricks that can save you headaches and make your journey smooth.


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1. Know the health care system 

When moving to another country, be covered by your health is the most important part. Most of the medical insurances will cover during your stay up to 3 months or you can also use your national sanitary card when traveling within the same continent.

Please make sure you do some research on the health care system, costs, coverage, and any general useful info before getting there. For instance, in Germany, not having private medical insurance is illegal.

2. Get in contact with the locals & expats

We are lucky enough that nowadays we have the technology from our side. Look on forums and Facebook groups to seek advice, ask questions, and get to know people before you even get there.

Join our Jump Into Freedom group to connect with women overseas around the world clicking here.

3. Choose something you love

We tend to think that because we really like that country we are planning to move to any kind of job that will be okay for us. This could lead to a rollercoaster of feelings.
To avoid this make sure you take some more time to find what you are really looking for. Do not rush. You are going to spend many hours of your day working or volunteering so you must love what you are doing.


4. Learn the language

Get to know the language before you move. English could be enough but you should be prepared with at least basic phrases.
Getting to know the language will save you from difficult situations where you cannot communicate. Get a tandem, an online course, or practice with a foreign friend.
This will not only enhance your CV but also your self-confidence and personal fulfillment.


5. Be familiar with the rules

Every country has its own legislation and non-written rules. Get to know them before you go there.
Maybe it is not well seen to give tips, talk freely about the king or pass by a traffic yellow light.
Do your research to see if living there is also on alignment to what you expect.


6. Have a future vision

Establish the reasons why you are planning to move overseas. It could be for a better job, improve the foreign language, refresh your life or all the above.
Be crystal clear about it so you can target more easily your goals and dreams and achieve them.


7. Know the legal procedures

Inform yourself about how to open a bank account, be legally accepted to work, or get into the healthcare system. All this paperwork has to be done and it could be overwhelming trying to make it all at once.
If there is something you can start doing before you move, do it now. It will save you time and energy.


8. Make your home ‘homey’

Wherever you are moving to, try to make your home as ‘homey’ as soon as you can.
It could be by bringing your favorite mug, adding warm light or candles, hang some posters or pictures you like.
Make an atmosphere that will make you feel cozy and like you are at home. Because truly it will be your home for the following days even if it is for the short or long term.


9. Give yourself time to adapt

You should know that there are some phrases you could you through before been fully adapted to a new place.
It is completely normal that you get lost on public transport or don’t feel confident where or not to walk. It could take a month or maybe a few months until you are fully adapted to the new place.
Give yourself enough time to get used to the new environment, new home, and new way of living.